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root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment is the process of removing the dead or dying nerve tissue within the tooth and cleaning, disinfecting and shaping the canals then filling the space to seal it from further infection.

Why would I need a Root Canal Treatment?
  • Dental pulp becomes inflamed or infected.
  • Deep decay.
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth.
  • Faulty fillings or crowns.
  • Crack in the tooth.
  • Trauma.
  • Dull throbbing pain.
  • Toothache which wakes you at night.
  • Severe pain from contact with hot or cold.
  • Severe pain when pressure is applied to the tooth.
  • Abscess formation from around the tooth.
Root Canal Treatment Procedure
  • First the dentist will remove any decayed and weak tooth structure. A suitable opening into the pulp chamber is prepared to allow access to the openings of the root canals in the pulp chamber floor.
  • When good access is obtained the content of the nerve canal is cleaned out using thin files and chemicals. The canals are disinfected with antiseptic and antibacterial solutions.
  • A temporary dressing (antibacterial) material is placed down the cleaned and shaped root canals followed by a temporary filling to seal the tooth.
  • Placing a suitable final restoration is almost as important as the root treatment itself. If the restoration leaks bacteria can migrate down the side of the root sealer and re-infect the tooth. A suitable permanent filling is placed into the access opening. Teeth with large amounts of damage may need a post (a metal or fiber reinforced resin rod) down one or more canals to anchor the filling securely onto the root of the tooth. A good way to insure against such a disaster is to crown the tooth.