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teeth whitening

Teeth naturally darken with aging. Over time, staining may be caused by exposure to coffee, tea, soda, tobacco, and certain foods. Teeth whitening is a popular and affordable way to brighten your smile. With today's modern dental techniques, IDC is able to offer you whiter brighter smile at ease with the latest products available.

Whitening your teeth, under the supervision of your dentist, has been proven safe in clinical studies. The treatment will whiten your teeth without any damage to the tooth structure.

There are a number of different teeth whitening procedures available today, some take longer than others; some involve treatments at home while others can be completed after a single treatment in the clinic.

Teeth Whitening is:

  • Safe when it is professionally controlled in capable dental hands.
  • Effective when the process is properly dispensed, controlled and monitored.
  • Long lasting when the correct personalised process is provided.
Teeth Whitening Options:

In-Office Whitening: In-Office whitening basically "kickstarts" the process to teeth whitening. The colour change is achieved in a short period of time, and your dental professional is monitoring the process on the spot. After an assessment for your suitability, in just one quick visit, you can enjoy a smile that is shades whiter using innovative treatments. Without any messy teeth whitening trays, gels, or strips, a professional teeth whitening treatment is the easiest way to achieve a beautiful smile

Professional home whitening kits: We offer a take-home professional whitening kit that you can use at home for 2 weeks. Our dentist will first take impressions of your teeth that will allow custom trays to be made. The gel is applied to the teeth using personalised custom-made whitening trays that resemble thin mouth guards.The treatment continues until you are happy with the result achieved. The trays can be used again and again, and more gel is obtainable from your dentist.